Thanks for visiting Truly Me, Photography LLC! The face peeking out from behind the lens belongs to Wendy Lane Hulse. I'm the one at all our family's events who gets told, "put down the camera so you can relax and enjoy yourself," only to answer "this IS how I relax and enjoy myself!" Delighting in the uncensored business of life; pulling the car over on the way home because the light is too incredible to miss; gasping in awe when a perfect moment comes together just as the shutter clicks--this is truly me. My dream coming true is getting to photograph you. It is an honor to get to witness you being you, and then to show you just how beautiful that is. When you see your photographs, it is my hope and sincere belief that you will be overjoyed and say, "Yes! These photos capture me being truly me!"

*Thanks to Heather Pipkin Photography for images of the photographer.*